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Why we use Condoms

Often this days both men as well as women are using condoms for these reasons such as, first and foremost obviously for #birth control, and to protect themselves against deadly sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like HIV/AIDS. As far as birth control methods are concern even sterilization, have a minor failure rate, so by adding a #condom, we’re more likely to get our effectiveness protection. Using of #condoms has pros and cons too, here i have highlighted some:

Condoms are inexpensive and easy to get
No side effects unless someone is allergic to latex
We do not need a prescription
It is small and easy to carry

Dull sensations
It requires consistent and diligent use
Typical use has a failure rate too
It places more responsibility on the male partner


Things do happen, and a condom may not protect you from every single thing out there.
My point in all of this is that at the end of the day, you should be able to look back and say you’ve done all you could to protect yourself.
Below I’ve gathered a list of reasons you should at least consider using condoms!

Prevent STDs. Most people with a sexually transmitted disease don’t even know they have one.
So, how can you be sure? Protect yourself against, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and HPV (this list is just a few of the diseases out there).

Prevent unwanted pregnancies. Condoms may not be 100% affective in preventing pregnancies but the reality is that
no one method of contraceptive is 100% unless you remain abstinent. Use condoms to minimize your chances of unwanted pregnancies.

Shows maturity. Taking care of your sexual health speaks volumes, and can be seen as being responsible.

You are not married. This is not to offend anyone, or say that marriage means you are safe.
Chances are that if you aren’t married, your partner may not be with you a year of two from now. Having multiple partners, doubles you risk!

They’re cool. Condoms now come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They have different lubrications that enhance
sensation, such as Trojan’s new Fire & Ice. You can even order condoms in bulk online for convenience.

6. Less stress. Provide a sense of security knowing that you are reducing the chances of STDs and pregnancy.
Always keep in mind that this is not 100%. You and your partner still have the responsibility of getting tested regularly.

7. Could save your life. AIDS caused by HIV is a virus that progressively attacks the immune system.
Sadly there is no cure for this disease. Many people die from AIDS each year. There are several ways to contract the
virus, but for the topic at hand, condoms can be effective at preventing the spread of this disease.

8. You have multiple partners! Let’s face it, not everyone is monogamous. Many people actually believe that if they have been
with a person for some time that it’s okay to not use condoms as long as they protect themselves when they’re with other people.
Absolutely wrong! You should always use condoms.